CHATTERBOX: Newcomer rapper EZYBLK talks his latest drop, spontaneity & the importance of staying driven

Back with another banger, emerging UK talent EZYBLK returns with the highly anticipated new single, ‘Roll By’, taken from his upcoming, debut EP.

Still hot off the press, ‘Roll By’ follows EZYBLK’s debut single, ‘1000 ways’ which premiered last month on GRM Daily and has since amassed well over 12,000 views. Bursting with talent and hungry for success, EZYBLK is poised and ready to make his mark in the buzzing arena that is the current UK rap scene. Purple Melon chat to the rising star as he prepares for world domination!

– You’ve just dropped your second single, how’re you feeling at this current moment?

I’m feeling great! I feel that I’m able to showcase more now that I have released two singles. I feel like I’ve got some momentum going, I’m ecstatic and I can’t wait to show people more of what I’ve got in my arsenal, so I’m happy. I’m actually more than happy, this is definitely what I’ve been waiting for. And the fact that people are showing so much love just makes me so happy. 

– You’re pretty new to the music game, could you tell us a bit about yourself & your sound?

I’m 18 from North London. I grew up in Manchester and that’s where I realised my musical abilities and I’ve just carried that on throughout my life to the point we are now. So, yeah I’m just an artist who’s just trying to bring a new sound and some new flavour to the UK, you know, to the scene. I’m trying to be a pioneer in the game and bring great music, that I know I can put out there for others to be entertained. I don’t just want to make hits, I want to make music that hits you in the feels, like great music that would be timeless. That’s the music I’m going for. I say my sound is different to the usual of what you hear because you’ll hear a lot of different sound, a lot of the inspiration is from different places. I’m not an artists that sticks to one genre, that’s not for me, like if I’m stuck in a box it’s almost like I’m claustrophobic. Having one sound, it just doesn’t appeal to me, I immediately get bored. So my whole sound and my music and my catalog is me exploring new sound. Different, crazy, wild sounds that maybe utter the ear at first but the more you’ll listen, you’ll love it. It’s undeniable. 

– We always like to find out the origin story of artist/band names, what inspired EZYBLK?

I was going with different names in the beginning, like King E, King Ezy, King Kalema, there was so many names and I was finding it hard to find a name I wanted to stick with because I wanted to take it seriously. In the end I actually went online on like a rap name generator or something, I can’t fully remember. I put in Ezy and then EZYBLK came up and ever since then I ran with it. That’s me. It’s crazy because I’ve adopted the name and it’s like its one with me now. I couldn’t see myself with another name now. EZYBLK is me. 

– ‘Roll By’ is such a fun tune, what was the inspiration behind the track?

In the period of making ‘Roll By’ we also made 15-16 other songs, so it’s hard to remember exactly what inspired it, but I definitely think it reflects a good period of intensive work in the studio. We just had a lot of fun making different songs. Whenever I go to the studio I don’t think about what I’m gonna write or what I’m gonna do, I feel like I go for whatever vibe I catch when I get there. Ace and Slxt (my producers) can just play randomly on the keyboard and we just connect with the music. We always try to make something new and crazy. There’s never a plan really, whatever happens, happens. 

EZYBLK – Roll By

– Could you tell us a bit about your writing process? Are you a write a song in one sitting kind of guy or does a track need to marinate for a bit in your mind before you’re happy with it?

I’d say it’s a bit of both, sometimes I can feel the vibe but not get the words out or connect with the lyrics, so I will leave it with, like, a blueprint. So I’ll just say whatever on the track so I know that I got the flow I want down. Because that’s what I normally do, I start with the flow and then the bars comes after because it’s just easier for me. So if I can just get the flow down then I’ll sometimes let it marinate a bit. I’ll go home, listen to other tracks and get inspiration from there, and then when I return to the song it usually just comes to me. Other times we’ve put the beat down, I’ll go in the booth and sit there for like an hour, vibe to the track, find the first verse and the hook, then we’ll take a break and do another song, just to refresh the mind a bit, then when we return the second verse kinda just comes. 

– Who are your top 5 UK rappers at the moment?

Oooh.. Right now I’m really feeling J-Hus, he’s not putting much out but he is sharing snippets on his instagram and I’m ready for it. I’ve been a fan of him for so long, because he’s brought a sound that back in the day would have been weird to people, but now he has made it cool and the whole UK is using it. He’s kind of a pioneer of the words that are being used nowadays. He is one of my top inspirations right now. Another is inspiration for me is Skepta, even his old stuff is dope. And Dave, his flow and his bars, just the volume he speaks, it’s a great inspiration to me. He’s a voice for people out there and to see him do so much at such a young age is really inspiring to me. He is someone that I look up to heavily. For now, those 3 are really the ones I can give right now, there’s other people but I don’t know if I can put 2 more before anyone else at the minute. 

– How do you keep yourself motivated and creative during these times?

I listen to a lot of music, that’s what I do. I sleep with my headphones in, volume high, every night. It’s very therapeutic for me. Music is life for me, I breathe, sleep and eat music. It’s really all I know. I’m always hungry for a new sound or for my ear to hear something new. So whether I’m listening to songs on repeat, to old songs, to new songs, I’m just always listening. To something. It’s keeps me on my toes. Even though it’s hard times, music is what keeps me motivated. I was also able to spend a lot of time in the studio during the pandemic so for me personally, it’s been a blessing, I’ve been able to get a lot of things done.

– Lastly, what can new fans be expecting from EZYBLK in the near or distant future?

Expect to hear crazy, new sounds. I’m always gonna be different with it. You’ll never know what I’ll come at you with next, I’m gonna keep people on their toes. And that’s how I want people to feel as well, that no one knows what I’m gonna do next. But I’m gonna drop some songs that is a lot more meaningful, songs that will tackle problems. And i’ve got some more fun stuff coming as well, good vibes, diverse. I want to keep it fun but I also want to keep it real and true and talk about the real life, in addition to the luxury. So that’s some of the stuff you will be hearing shortly in the upcoming months. It’s coming so fast, it feels like I dropped my last single ‘1000 Ways’ only yesterday. It’s gonna be brazy as I like to say so look out for me!

Listen to EZYKLB – Roll By


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