EDM heavyweights Junge Junge and Moguai team up for pastoral release ‘Call On Me’

There’s an element to the German electronic music scene that blends pastoral peace with danceable hooks, perhaps its a result of the expansive and picturesque countryside sidled up alongside the hyper-modern cityscapes, or perhaps it’s nothing to do with that at all. Whatever the reason, we’re happy it exists because it means we get to listen to pieces of craftsmanship like ‘Call On Me’, a collaboration between two production heavyweights Junge Junge and Moguai, who both hail from the Ruhr Area of the country.

The intricately meshed together collaboration is completed by the airy vocals of Nathan Nicholson whose light touch compliments the melodic nature of this track. Like riding a bike through rural roads on a warm Spring evening, ‘Call On Me’ is a rush of organic textures built upon the contemporary canvas of electronica.

“I really love creating and producing music! It doesn’t matter what, but I’m super in love with the feeling that when you start something, by the end of the day you’ll have something that never ever existed before on our beautiful planet. And if you can do it together with friends the result feels even better.” – Moguai

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