Listen to Silvre – ‘Call Me What You Want’

London-based alternative pop artist Silvre [sil·vuh], returns with her latest emotional and introspective pop single, ‘Call Me What You Want’. A seasoned songwriter and talented storyteller, Silvre uses music as an outlet for her own thoughts & emotions in the hopes that she can connect with her listeners through personal anecdotes and sincere songwriting.

Drawing from a rich back catalogue of sounds, Silvre finds inspiration from alternative female artists such as Banks and FKA Twigs, fusing their striking soundscapes with her own style in order to draw listeners into her glittering musical realm, as demonstrated by her stunning debut single, ‘You don’t really like him’. Adhering to her heart-on-the-sleeve style of songwriting, Silvre shines on ‘Call Me What You Want’ as she explores the toxicity of modern social media & the often damaging effects it can have on self-esteem and mental health.

Filled with pounding pop rhythms and shimmering synth patterns, ‘Call Me What You Want’ disguises blunt and biting lyrics in a gentle yet gritty sonic atmosphere accented by reverberated guitars, pounding percussion and intense, driving production before slowing down into a more acoustic, piano-led number. With support from FMS Magazine, The Stumble Upon and FAME Magazine for her shimmering soundscapes, Silvre’s ambition is to remove unrealistic expectations of appearance and vanity in a modern society. Her journey has only just begun.

“This track was inspired by all the lies that live on social media, which is particularly glorified by the music industry”, she explains. “So much of what we see has been staged, modified or perfected with a filter and it’s exhausting to keep up with! There seems to be a handful of public figures that monetise and encourage this behaviour and they are contributing to poor mental health, without a care in the world.”


Listen to Silvre – Call Me What You Want


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