Innovative RnB artist Mulay takes ownership of the past in ‘Medusa’

We first introduced you to German creative Mulay back in October with her empowering single ‘Shame’. Now this innovative RnB artist is back with new track ‘Medusa’, accompanied by more avant-garde visuals.

Backed by icicles of glacial electronica and sensual bass, Mulay walks on the line between vulnerability and strength, inspired by the myth of Medusa, who would turn men to stone with just one look. With modern hindsight, we see the story as one of the many used to portray unconventional women as dangerous, but Mulay found herself relating to this dark outsider as she confronted her own deadlier emotions. As you’ll read below, this song was the product of “rejection, hate, condemnation […] guilt, self-hate and self-doubt.

It’s a powerful ownership of one’s own mistakes and pitfalls, something that took Mulay seven years to finally share with the world. The final result is hauntingly sincere and stylistically beautiful.

“When I wrote MEDUSA I was in a very dark place. I betrayed and hurt someone I loved and was confronted with the consequences of my actions. I experienced rejection, hate, condemnation and was haunted by guilt, self-hate and self-doubt. Longing to numb the pain I went down a path of self-destruction until I did not feel anything anymore. I gave up on myself, while at the same time, deep within, there seemed to be a silent sparkle of hope that my reckless behavior would evoke someone’s attention, provoke his silence to be broken. A desperate cry for a sign that someone still cared. A dangerous bet, I went all in for.

I carry this song with me for a long time now and it went through several stages of my artistic development until I finally felt like it reached its rightful form and context with the version you hear today. It’s like I’m finally giving birth to a child that I’ve carried around for almost 7 years. But I’m glad that I allowed myself and the song to go through this long process of growth and healing, as it led me to where and who I am today.”

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