Listen to German newcomer Mulay’s empowering debut single, ‘Shame’

Berlin-based singer-songwriter, producer and artist Mulay breaks onto the scene today with the release of her empowering debut single and video for, ‘Shame’.

Although this is Mulay’s first solo release, fans may have already heard Mulay flex her vocal skills as a feature artist in ‘Flames’ alongside Tender Games and on ‘Indiigo‘ with Moglii, both tracks combined have well over 1.8 million streams on Spotify alone. Now, Mulay is ready to introduce herself to the world as more than just a feature artists, with her chilled-out debut standing as proof that she too is a singer-songwriter in her own right.

Inspired by powerful, trailblazing artists like SZA, Sevdaliza and Fka Twigs, it’s unsurprising then that Mulay’s sound is so unusual. ‘Shame’ is a slick, smooth and soulful slice of contemporary, alternative R&B that subtly and seamlessly weaves in elements from genres like synth-pop, electronica & trap-soul to create a wholly unique, kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Mulay – Shame

The music video for ‘Shame’ is equally as abstract and intriguing as the sound. Brooding and sultry, the visuals capture Mulay throughout various wide-shot scenes as she contemplates life, self-love and happiness through contemporary dance and song. The minimalistic beats, echoing synths, editorial-style shots and poignant lyricism all magically combine in ‘Shame’, resulting in a truly artistic piece of work and a stunning first release for Mulay. Her debut EP ANTRACYTE will be released on January 29th, 2021 via Groenland Records.

Listen to Mulay’s ‘Shame’ on Spotify here:


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