Listen to Hugo M. Hardy’s cinematic indie-folk single ‘Trainspotting’

Hugo M. Hardy’s new single ‘Trainspotting’ is the soothing start that we needed to our week. It’s the kind of soft and tender indie-folk that makes it ideal for Monday morning listening, huddled up in a coffee shop, socially distanced from others, but still searching for that human connection.

This is why that music, and by extension all art, is vital to the continued mental wellbeing of everyone. Songs like ‘Trainspotting’ from this British songwriter open a door into the mind of another, they allow you to come in close and give you that much needed emotional nourishment. Moreover, Hardy isn’t crooning “everything’s gonna be alright” in a well-meaning but altogether unrealistic way, instead he’s being honest with you, the listener.

“Trainspotting is a song about the nostalgic feeling of watching the people around me growing up, and feeling like the glory days are behind us. It’s quite self-reflective, and also hints towards me questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions, or whether I could be doing things better. I think it’s a feeling that lots of mid-20 people seem to be going through at the moment.”

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