Valentino Khan’s cutting-edge house French Fried EP is here

First it was ‘Blackmail’, then ‘Deathproof’, and most recently it was ‘Division’, but the time has finally come for Valentino Khan’s highly-anticipated EP. Oh yeah, and there was those two official remixes for DJ Snake… no biggie.

As we’ve discovered through each of the EP’s individual track release, this project is a celebration of the music that first ignited a passion for dance in the young Valentino Khan. It’s especially an appreciation for that first way of French house music that hit the shores of Los Angeles.

We can hear the classic club sound continued into the EP’s closing tune ‘everybodysgonnadancewithme’ featuring Sophia Black. It’s still cutting-edge sound design, but not so far removed from those original house roots.

And so, without further ado, we give you Valentino Khan’s French Fried EP.

“This body of work was heavily inspired by my first exposure to dance music.  French artists played a huge role in creating sounds that drew me into the genre.  When the first wave of this hit America, it impacted me by pushing boundaries in a unique way.  I hope to continue that innovative spirit not only with this music, but with all my future releases as well.  Enjoy.”

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