Listen to Maripo$a’s sugary-sweet ‘Call Me Back’

With tens of thousands of streams online for her music, it looks at though LA-based artist Maripo$a is on an upward trajectory that’s sure to climb higher with sugary-sweet pop offering ‘Call Me Back’.

This super catchy bop is a slice of synth-pop pureness that’ll put a little bounce into the step of any listener.

It’s also paired with a self-directed video, for which Maripo$a worked alongside videographer Mike Williamson. The hazy, pink-doused visuals see the artist escape through a number of bright and glamorous guises that fit her own multifaceted direction.

“‘Tell me you know something about love, tell me you know how to pick me back up.’ I wrote this song during quarantine and knew the world needed a positive vibe for the summer. I took myself out of the sadness and placed myself in the perspective of a perfect summer time. At first listening you’d assume i’m speaking about another person here but I’m really speaking about myself, and being able to take myself out of a bad time and create my own happiness. The song is about love, loving yourself and sharing that love with someone special. Remembering to live in the moment and just have fun, even when that seems impossible.”

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