BEXLO releases heavy-hearted trap track ‘Tell Me’

The Scottish city of Glasgow is an undeniable hot pot for emerging talent and a name well worth keeping an eye on for of electronic music lovers is BEXLO.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Droeloe, Vincent and Juuku, the 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist BEXLO – aka Ben Logie – combines a cinematic atmosphere and hard-hitting drops to hit that sweet spot between wanting some energetic and wanting something emotional. That’s exactly what you hear in his newest track ‘Tell Me’; a heavy-hearted production is trap and EDM that’ll leave you speechless.

“The song was written on one of those days in the studio where everything just kinda clicks and seems to work together. It was a few months ago when the entire world was going into lockdown and the darker moods in ‘Tell Me’ are a product of the surrounding uncertainty at that time.” – BEXLO

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