Aiwake and Saen share effortlessly serene electronic collab ‘Faded Patterns’

When you click play to indulge yourself in this decadent dose of electronica in the form of ‘Faded Patterns’, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that production and songwriting artists aiwake and Saen got together to make this beauty.

Simmering synths, heartbeat rhythms and emotionally serenading vocals swirl in the richly textured mix. All of this, puts us into a meditative state while listening to ‘Faded Patterns, making it one of the most relaxing-yet-upbeat electronic tracks that we’ve heard in some time.

Even more excitingly, ‘Faded Patterns’ is set to feature on aiwake’s next EP, #99000a, due in Spring 2021.

“‘Faded Patterns’ is a projection of gritty cinematic pop. It is remembering something you have yet to experience; the extension of an emotion that is already gone. It displays motions over repetitions, nostalgic textures waiting to be defined.” – aiwake

“The title ‘Faded Patterns’ is both literal and expressive. It’s a series of smooth and abrasive textures that create moving patterns underneath nostalgic lyrics. Faded patterns sneak in and out, bringing you back to old habits and feelings you hoped you forgot.” – Saen.

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