Chatterbox: Greek songstress IOTA PHI sits down to talk collaboration dreams,

Purple Melon is joined by multi-talented Greek singer, songwriter, director and record producer – IOTA PHI, known in her down-time as Ilia Darlin. Having recently released her incredible, atmospheric new single ‘Wolves Mate For Life’, the young songstress talks new releases, career highlights and collaboration dreams.

How’re you feeling at this very moment?

Happy and exhausted. Releasing music is usually pretty intense.

For those who may not know IOTA PHI, who is she and what is her music about?

My name is Ilia, I’m a singer, songwriter, director and record producer and my music is about life, about healing. 

Your artist’s name is super cool, how did you come up with it and what does it mean?

Thank you! My real name is Ilia as I mentioned, so IOTA is my initial and then PHI stands for the golden ratio; a relation of proportions with which we perceive beauty. 

I love this idea of deciphering beauty.

Your recent single, “Wolves Mate for Life’ brings together a lot of genres and musical styles, if you could only stick to one genre of music, which would you pick & why?

That’s a very tough question. I don’t think I have an answer for that. I grew up with so many influences so it would almost be like renouncing parts of myself.

Tell us a bit about what this song means to you in your own words.

This song is like a review of the past. Wolves mate for life stands for when something is real is meant to last and it cannot be replaced. 

I believe we all have been in situations where we were not valued or mistreated and this is something we allow ourselves to happen. It’s ok, we all have paths that we need to walk, the thing is how aware we are and what we take out of it every time.

What was a highlight of creating this project for you?

Shooting the visuals was quite a highlight. I spent more than half an hour in the sea on a cold winter day. My son was in his stroller watching me and I felt complete you know. He watched me be who I really am and I think that’s the best I can do for everyone.

What’s a dream collaboration of yours, dead or alive?

Frank Ocean. I simply love him.

Lastly, do you have any tips for other musicians for staying creative and inspired in these times?

In these challenging times we are forced to connect with our centre. My tip would be to not try to entertain the situation, but try to stay in the moment and so many treasures are going to surface for all of us. 

Listen to IOTA PHI – Wolves Mate for Life


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