Chatterbox: Febueder

Hey, tell us a bit about Febueder.

We’re from Ascot, we’re currently releasing music independently and individually becoming perfectionists at our instruments. We’re proficiently prepared for the music that’s to come. We believe in adapting a record for a live performance, so much so that a song in live format often has little resemblance to the original recording. Our recorded music captures that moment in time and we apply this approach to our live show. Each experience is different and this translates into the performance.

Where did the new single come from?

‘Shapeshifter’ is about transmogrification – that someone transforms in a magical or unexpected way. More broadly it’s about social compliance being a form of acting. When we socialise we adapt, we hyperbolically shapeshift.  
Is there more content in the pipeline?

We’re always working on new music and pushing ourselves as musicians. The music we’re working on now has been drawing on more electronic elements.  As for new projects, there will be another release coming sooner than you might expect.

What’s on the horizon for you?

We’re releasing our From an Album EP on May 12 and launching it with a release show at The Finsbury in London on June 1st. Have a listen and come along, or come along and have a listen. As long as you’re listening, we appreciate the support.

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