Chatterbox: Eliason

Welcome to the world of Los Angeles native Eliason. The singer / songwriter has just released his new single ‘Heaven Knows’ and it’s a pumping piece of pop revelry. There’s a subtle build through the verse, flecked with heart-felt lyricism and imbued with emotional weight. Then the chorus kicks off, catchy in its melody but organic in its tone; a mature piece of writing.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself and your musical project.

My name is Grant Genske, and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Pasadena (a suburb of LA) to evangelical parents, and was introduced to music through my father (a singer and guitarist in a rock band) and through my church. Gospel music runs pretty much all through my past, and it’s a frequent motif in my songs. I did a lot of musical theatre in high school, and considered going to Broadway, but eventually decided to pursue a degree at UC Berkeley. I lived in the bay area for 5 years, and eventually moved back to pursue full time writing and recording. Eliason is a project I have been developing for a year, and, to me, it represents a lot of the boldness and candor that has been missing from my regular life/ persona.

What does your music draw upon?

My first single is focused around my sexuality, and my second single “Gray” (to be released February 6th, listen here) deals with my mother’s depression and suicidal ideation. “Party Face” is the name of my EP, and it will be released some time in late February or early March – the titular song (listen here) is basically my musings on party culture, the fact that my dad is a recovering alcoholic (8 years sober), and my fears that I might be one as well. There will be music videos to accompany “Party Face” and “Heaven Knows” – these will be coming out in March and early in the summer of 2017.

What’s on the horizon for you?

As far as the future of my project goes, I am currently working on collaborations with Niko the Kid and BEAUZ, and on writing and producing my next EP! I want to take a much bigger role in the production process, and to find co-writers to really help me flesh out my lyric writing.

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