Chatterbox: Cherryade

Hey, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Alex: We’re a London based pop duo and have been friends since we were like 12. We spend most of our time venting to each other about everything and then turned it all into songs…

Ella: We’re both really ambitious so we’re constantly trying to improve and expand on what we make, and if we don’t get our own way we end up turning it into a song haha.

Alex: Yeah we suck everything in and then spit it all out again like a black hole.

Where did the new single come from?

Alex: I originally wrote the hook whilst on the toilet and recorded it as an iPhone memo haha. It’s gross but true… we tend to write and record ideas randomly and then send them back and forth to each other until something starts to come together.

Ella: We sent the idea to Lewis Gardiner who we worked with before on ‘Houdini’ and he built this awesome beat around it. After that the writing came really naturally. We really wanted to write a song that would show people what being a bad bitch was really about. You always hear pop songs about breaking the rules and not going to school or being a problem and having a tattoo but we didn’t think that was very bad… so we wrote about going to the care home and fucking your rich grandad then taking his will and throwing him down the canyon…

Alex: It kind of makes us laugh that writing about smoking weed or telling haters to suck a dick is considered “bad ass” or whatever. That’s not pushing boundaries or doing something different, it’s just a bit boring. I mean I’m not saying we’re changing the world, but at least we’re thinking outside the box a bit haha.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Ella: We’ve got a cool buzz track coming shortly which we’re really excited about – it’s a lot more political, but at the same time basically says nothing at all like most politicians.

Alex: We’ve been working on that song for a while and haven’t really known when we should release it, but now feels like the most relevant and perfect time.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Alex: We’ve just played our first gig in Norwich which was really fun, so we’re keen to do more. We want to up our game and bring everything in the songs out on stage.

Ella: We’re also in the middle of filming another music video which might end up being the sequel to ‘Get By’. We direct and produce all of our visual content ourselves, it takes longer but it’s worth it.

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