Chatterbox: Sobae x Morococo

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself

Sobae: I’m a singer-songwriter based in Seoul. Once upon a time, I used my ancient Macbook’s internal mic and Garageband to create a remake of Drake x Kehlani x Stwo’s tracks. I surprisingly received a lot of positive feedback and I’ve been on this ~musical journey~ ever since. 

I’ve always been attracted to anything groovy and have been a long-time appreciator of West Coast Jazz, but I also love babymakin’ R&B and dirty hip hop, so I’m hoping my diverse tastes will help create something uniquely “me”.

I’m still discovering my own voice and style, developing my songwriting/DJ/production skills, and just trying to do what I love.

Morococo: I’m a Swedish 9 to 5:er who also loves music full time 🙂  music is my retreat after a tough day in the corporate jungle.

Where did the new single come from?

Sobae: Morococo, a DJ and producer based in Sweden, reached out after hearing the aforementioned remake and we spent a couple months tossing the track back and forth to develop it. He’s so sweet, we’ve been good friends ever since and will continue to collaborate.

Morococo: After hearing Sobae’s voice I knew that this project I was working on was going to be an awesome blend. We’ve worked together since.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Sobae: I’m working on original tracks, videos, remakes, covers, and more!

Morococo: The track is a mark of all the emotions we’ve been through during the last year. We’re working on getting that same emotional “footprint” down in a couple of other tracks right now. Keep a lookout for more!

What’s on the horizon for you?

Sobae: Sunshine, rhythm, clarity 😉

Morococo: Moving to the big city for the summer 🙂 ramping up our future beats summer club DAZE in Gothenburg, Sweden, and much more music!

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