Let nostalgic-pop duo Dreampark transport you back to the 70’s with their latest single, ‘Time Machine’

Carmel Faraggi and Daniel Berner make up the nostalgic-pop duo, Dreampark who have recently returned to the scene with a dazzling new single, ‘Time Machine’. The track is their first release of 2021 and follows closely from the release of the hit ‘My Medal‘ which currently stands at over 14,000 streams on Spotify alone. Bringing back that nostalgic, alt-pop sound, Dreampark return with emotionally charged ‘Time Machine’.

Taking inspiration from the likes of MGMT, Tame Impala and Kate Bush, Dreampark combine modern styles with a heavy dose of youthful 70s and 80s pop to create unique, kaleidoscopic soundscapes and ‘Time Machine’ is of no exception. Leading the track with sweet, honey-like vocals, Carmel’s lead vocals shine over sparkling, dreamlike synths and subtle disco beats resulting in a hazy, feel-good tune.

 Speaking more about the release, the duo explained: 

Time machine is about time, relationships and our relationship with time. What if we could travel in time and how would it affect our memories? At the end, time machine is about the irrelevance of time in the magnificent living experience of making meaningful memories. 

Listen to Dreampark – Time Machine


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