Upcoming Rebecca Carozzi stuns in her latest empowerment single, ‘Crossed the Line’

Upcoming RnB/pop artist Rebecca Carozzi debuts her fourth and latest single today, ‘Crossed the Line’. Hailing from Milan, the young singer-songwriter crafts her unique sound from her love for classic pop, RnB and Hip-Hop artists, taking her cues from the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Destiny’s Child and Jamiroquai.

Rebecca Carozzi

Introduced by raw, stripped back vocals, Rebecca Carozzi’s voice is the star of ‘Crossed the Line’, commanding the track with the same attitude, grace and conviction which she’s exhibited throughout all her previous releases, ‘No Toxic Vibes‘, ‘You’ll Miss Me More‘ and ‘Player‘. Sultry, smooth and sophisticated, ‘Crossed the Line’ is a hearty blend of stunning vocals, jazz horns and fun, disco-flavoured pop beats that add a lighthearted groove-ability to the tune despite its biting lyrics. Outspoken, sincere and relatable, Crossed the Line’ is the empowerment anthem we all need to hear sometimes and luckily, Rebecca Carozzi has got us covered.


I wrote this song because I wanted to call out, in a fun way, all the guys that cross the line and don’t respect boundaries/only care about their well-being to the detriment of others. The writing process was very organic, as soon as I had an idea, I sort of went with it without overthinking it too much.

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