Chatterbox: Colorblast chats worldwide hits, hidden away home studios and post pandemic plans.

Hey Colorblast, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you
tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Hi, thanks for your welcome! Ok, in 2001 (I was so young…), I sang my first hit  ‘So I begin’ with my band Galleon without speaking any English! I topped the charts and promoted my single in worldwide, made a lot of ITWs for MTV in UK and US billboard and didn’t understand a word lol. I’ve always sung in English since I was a young boy, but like a copycat, imitating my favourites singers, Seal, Sting etc… Today, my English still sucks but I understand my lyrics! 😉
What influences have gone into your sound recently?
I got a very large musical culture; pop, soul, funky. But my heart goes to dance music and I’m so happy, cos we are going through a very nice dance music period. Like everybody, I love ‘head and heart’ cos it sounds so 90’s with the positive vibes, but I like the darkness of ‘The business’ from Tiesto as well. When I compose a new track, I don’t focus on a special song. I always start with a top line idea, and I often collaborate to produce the melody, and find the best fit.  I worked with Nicolas Carel for ‘Let me in closer’ and I think ‘Roses’ Imanbek remix was a good inspiration for our production.
What are you currently working on?
I’m a lucky man cos I got a very nice home studio in a middle of nowhere, lost in the mountains, and I can focus on my music all day long. I’m like a full quarantine man! I’m actually working on a new song and I’m very excited about it cos the top line is haunting me all night long. I can’t wait to let you hear
What are your plans the year ahead? 
Honestly, I can’t wait to travel again and meet the audience, perform on stage and share good music vibrations, so I plan to meet you guys!
Any top tips for getting through this difficult time.
Hard question cos we all have a different way of experiencing events, I mean we don’t all feel the same.
My mantra is to always try to see the positive side of an event, even when it’s tragic.  We are living an historical moment and we have to get through this together and we will appreciate more our freedoms

Listen to Colorblast’s latest single ‘Let Me In Closer’ below:

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