Pop’s rising star Ksenia drops her stunning debut EP, ‘Uncrushed’

Russian-born Ksenia, like many of us, grew up in a small town with big dreams of all-out pop stardom. When she closed her eyes at night she imagined herself singing, dancing and sashaying down the American stage the same way her idol Britney Spears did before her. She most likely wouldn’t have believed it at the time but fast forward a few years and Ksenia is living her dream as an upcoming singer-songwriter, actress and Instagram influencer!

Since the release of her debut single, ‘Let Somebody Love You‘ back in 2019, Ksenia has been on a steady rise to international stardom, honing her skills as a singer-songwriter whilst also working with and learning from some of the brightest and best in pop music. The list of Ksenia’s collaborators includes names like producer Mario Marchetti (Demi Lovato, JoJo), writers Gino Barletta (Katy Perry, Daya, Selena Gomez), and Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Britney Spears) as well as vocal coach Stevie Mackie who she collaborated with on the hit single ‘Only Want You More‘.

Now, with a number of successful singles in her discography, Ksenia is ready to unveil her biggest project and best work to date – her stunning debut EP, Uncrushed. The EP features an unreleased solo version of ‘Only Want You More’ as well as three brand new songs, making the project four singles worth of pure pop goodness.

The title track ‘Uncrushed’ leads the way on the project and sees Ksenia give a sassy, confident and commanding vocal performance over a cool, trap-inspired beat, reminiscent of fellow pop diva, Ariana Grande.

‘I Want To See You Cry’, on the other hand, is a much more pared-down number in which Ksenia reveals her slightly more menacing side, reflected through the lyrics co-written alongside Andrew Scott. This time around, the instrumental takes the backseat as Ksenia’s vocals sit on a clean, metronome-like beat that gently guides her voice along the track.

However, the penultimate track, ‘Powerless’ is where Ksenia really shows off her vocal chops demonstrating an impressive range over an acoustic style, piano-led instrumental. The emotions behind the heartfelt lyrics can be heard in every note, making for an incredibly moving and relatable heartbreak ballad.

The closing number ‘Only Want You More’ is similarly drenched in raw emotion and romantic angst. A beautifully solemn track, the lyrics were written with a sincerity and candidness that’s both incredibly endearing and easy to relate to.

Throughout the Uncrushed EP, Ksenia demonstrates emotional maturity and wisdom beyond her years that bleeds into her songwriting and lives through her voice. A stunning debut, Ksenia managed to put out a well-rounded project that’s a true reflection of her skill and offered her growing fanbase songs that make you want to dance, cry, laugh and everything in between.

“This whole EP is about empowering yourself and moving forward with your life. I tried to put a positive spin on the theme of heartbreak in songs like ‘Uncrushed’ and ‘I Want To See You Cry’, but the sadness of heartbreak takes over in “Powerless” and my solo version of ‘Only Want You More.’ I hope you enjoy it, you can cry or laugh depending on the song you’re listening to, it hits all the feels.” 


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