Glasgow’s Leif Coffield retains the hype with dark electro-pop tune ‘Say My Name’

The UK artist Leif Coffield is keeping up the hype generated from 2020 tunes ‘Monsta-san’ and ‘Bloodstains & Love Notes’ with new single ‘Say My Name’. His sound is centered directly at the hear of dark electro-pop with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries, as we hear through the minimalistic experimentation of this new release.

‘Say My Name’ marches of with a determined prowess that’s built upon war-like drums and oscillating synths. At different moments, Coffield‘s voice sincerely soars to show off its natural quality, which contrasts to the the alien-esque chants and deep-voiced commentary.

The most exciting point of the track is around 1:50, when we depart from the somnambulist tempo for a run up to an all-out dance track that wouldn’t go amiss in the clubs of Glasgow, where Coffield is situated.

“I try in each of my songs for them to have one unique element, or one distinguishing factor that sounds out of the ordinary and that separates it from the norm. I take a lot of inspiration from artists that endeavour to break the mould and refrain from operating within the confines of the mainstream. Artists like Flume, FINNEAS, Kanye West, Bon Iver etc where pushing the boundaries of the creative process and what is conventionally palatable is key. I would describe my music as if hip hop impregnated acoustic and gave birth to a baby that was raised in an electronic family. I always try to evoke emotion in the song whether it be through the instrumentation or accompanying vocal melody and lyrics.”

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