Swedish producer Osrin sets himself apart with ‘Highway’

Inspired by some of dance music’s biggest names Martin Garrix and David Guetta, the Swedish newcomer Osrin (Oskar Rindborg) has dropped a delectable slice of carefree EDM by the name of ‘Highway’. Appropriately named, this track is really the perfect driving track, especially during a time that we’d normally want to hit the club dancefloor while going “oo-oo-oooo” along with Osrin’s pitch-perfect melody.

Sharing the process behind ‘Highway’ in the full quote below, Osrin worked with his good friend and long-term collaborator Willhelm in May last year. The chilled tempo, warm synths and breezy vocals certainly reflect the anticipation for an approaching summer, which really couldn’t come soon enough right now.

“Highway’ was made on the release day of my last song ‘Left To Try’. Wilhelm and I were gonna meet up at his studio to celebrate the release of ‘Left To Try’, but because of all the good energy we had; we ended up jamming to an instrumental idea I had laying around on my computer. We made this uptempo, energetic song back in May 2020, so for us it has already served as a theme of our summer, and we’ve been so excited to release it. For me, the demo of ‘Highway’ is connected to so many summer memories. When we made the track, the mood was very relaxed. We also had two of our friends stopping by to hang out in the studio, it was just good vibes overall. The song came about very naturally, and we even recorded all the vocals with our friends in the room, which to me makes it feel even more genuine. When we wrote ‘Highway’ we just wanted to make a tune we could blast during late nights in the car, cruising the highway.

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