INTRODUCING: Upcoming Canadian soul singer Jozem & his latest experimental, future soul single, ‘Dreams’

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, upcoming singer-songwriter and producer Jozem returns today with the release of his latest, heartfelt, future-soul single, ‘Dreams’. Entirely self-written and produced, the track is a gorgeously intimate exploration of fear, self doubt and the courage to overcome your inner demons.

Speaking on his release, Jozem explains the message behind ‘Dreams’:

“‘Dreams’ is a meditation, a prayer and a projection of where I want to be in life, a guiding compass of sorts. The song is really all about cutting out those naysayers, the internal and external voices of self-doubt that lead you to stall or try to block you from realizing your goals. ‘Dreams’ is about recognizing and having the strength to do away with the toxic influences in your life that reap negativity and self-doubt, repurposing that toxicity and using it as fuel to propel oneself further. Ultimately, it’s about remaining steadfast, knowing that you are on the right path, that the journey is as important and sometimes even more meaningful than the destination.”

– Jozem –
Jozem – Dreams.

Raw, intense and atmospheric, the sounds of ‘Dreams’ are haunting and ethereal, Jozem’s slick vocals carry emotion in every word and passion from every note, resulting in a scintillating and wholly unique musical offering. Jozem’s existing discography proves that the sounds he creates through the production of his songs are more so to provoke a feeling or enhance the mood of the lyrics than to create a rhythmic foundation for the song. ‘Dreams’ is therefore both sonically complex and refreshingly minimalistic, purposely constructed in a way for Jozem’s vocals and vulnerable, sincere lyricism to shine through as the primary focus.

With a unique approach to songwriting and creation and a refreshing outlook on what modern soul music can and should be, Jozem stands out as one to watch in the coming years, especially with Canada’s RnB and Soul scene creeping further and further into the international limelight.

Stream Jozem – Dreams


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