Draper finds self-discovery through vibrant pop-fueled ‘Moments’

Well known for working with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Ellie Goulding and Lapsley as a top-drawer produce, Jamie Draper also has a hand in a solo project performing simply as Draper. His first release of 2021 is ‘Moments’, a song which shows off the pop dynamism that this London-based creative does so well.

This vibrant single portrays a fragmented carpe diem; we may not be able to seize the whole day and be masters of our destiny through the challenging times that the continuing pandemic presents, but we do have those inspired and productive moments. For Draper, those moments came as bursts of creativity in writing music for himself.

Listen to the first single from Draper’s upcoming solo project below.

“This is absolutely a new chapter in a long story. I’ve been down many paths and this is the first time that I feel personally connected to the music I’ve written. Moments is the lead single because it is an impactful splash back onto the scene, a new scene for me as well. It is a moment for me because it’s the first fully written, sung and produced EP I’ve ever done.” – Draper

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