Mini Melon Mix Ups: seeyousoon, Bella Di Manno, Macious, ONR and Ray Dawn.

Welcome to the first weekly edition of our Mini Melon Mix Ups. This is where we hand pick a fruity selection of tunes to share in bitesized chunks that the music heads at Purple Melon HQ have enjoyed this week.

First up in the mix we have super group, 9-piece band seeyousoon. Based in Florida, they have hopped, skipped and jumped into 2021 with new tune ‘Fever’. Seriously bringing the heat, this off-kilter hip hop number is a must listen to this week. Keep your eyes on this crew and your ears on the tune below.

“’Fever’ is the precursor to our 2nd full-length album. It represents the risks that we’re willing to take to make sure that we’re always breaking barriers and trying new things. It’s a blistering two-minute ride. Get ready for a lot more.” – seeyousoon

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Next up we have new artist Bella Di Manno and her creative cover of ‘Breathe’, a mashup of two tunes in fact, she takes on both Martin Solveig and Ina Wroldsen’s 2016 single ‘Places’, before effortlessly morphing into Jax Jones’s ‘Breathe’ with Bebe Rexha. Oozing with delicacy and emotion, this piano led track showcases Bella’s talent from beginning to end, we look forward to hearing her original music very soon.

“Although Breathe is a cover song it’s reminiscent of my first breakup. I’m a very emotional person in general and I tend to place a lot of value on things to do with romance and love. I get so suffocated in it that I literally feel like I can’t breathe. I’m an all or nothing person in life in general, and so I can’t feel like I ever half-ass something, I have to put my energy in something fully or I just won’t entertain it.”Bella Di Manno

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Now we’re hopping on over to Manchester to hear the sounds of Macious, akaMark Crawford. The producer and DJ was initially inspired during a rainy train journey to Amsterdam from Berlin in the summer to pen his new single ‘Take My Light’. This synth and disco filled track wrestles with the anxiety and uncertainty that surrounds to continuing pandemic.

“I wanted to release some thoughts/tension and turn them into a sound which really replicated the energy that was building up in me. The song was already produced a few months before but the lyrics came within seconds at this moment in thought. I intended to write the song to give the listener some energy to punch through their emotions and find a little clarity, or even just to groove out to the track. This has also shaped a new sound, which I have grown a big connection to over the last year and I hope this will with the audience too.” – Macious

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Up next is Dumfries-based singer, songwriter and producer ONR (Robert Shields) who partnered up with Sarah Barthel of Phantogram for the release of ‘Must Stop’, a catchy and annoyingly relatable alternative indie-pop tune about falling in love too fast, too hard and too soon.


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Last but by no means least, we have Ray Dawn with his newest single ‘Plush’. Based in Atlanta, this latest offering is a funk fuelled number infused with hip-hop beats and follows on from the success of previous singles ‘Boston’ and ‘Flex’. Looking forward to some more feel good tunes from Ray this year.

“I wrote “Plush” shortly after purchasing my dream car in California.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself – the life I’m living is everything I dreamed about as a kid. Lots of sacrifice went into manifesting this future. Though I’m cozier than ever, the work is never over.” – Ray Dawn

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