PREMIERE: Be the first to hear K.O.A’s stunning, genre-bending new single, ‘I’ve Been Here Before’

Bringing a refreshing new take to music creation and production, musical sibling duo K.O.A return with their stunning, genre-bending new single, ‘I’ve Been Here Before’. A dynamic mix of indie-pop, electronica and a touch of hip-hop, Austin & Jagger Spacy continue to make music inspired by their shared, eclectic tastes with influences spanning from Pink Floyd to Taylor Swift, and everything in between.

Speaking on the message behind their latest single, K.O.A share:

“This song is about being let down, hurt and rejected so many times that you’ve become unaffected. You move on to a place that they can’t accept. They hate that you’re happy. They hate that you’re ok. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just what you’ve had to do and learn to keep your sanity.”


Utilising their multitude of talents to their advantage, ‘I’ve Been Here Before’ is entirely written, produced and performed by the Arizona-born duo, with Austin being in charge of the instrumental and lead vocals on the hook and Jagger handling the verse vocals and the overall sonic harmony and cohesion of the track. The resulting collaboration is seamless and enchanting, with each of Austin & Jagger’s contributions complimenting the other’s perfectly.

Austin’s nuanced auto-tuned vocal performance provides a cadenced platform for Jagger’s low-toned harmonies and the ever evolving sounds of the instrumental as they take turns commanding the beat. The genre of the song blends between alt-pop, and then takes another distinct turn in the middle eight where it takes a darker turn, with a hip-hop percussion beat entering, before the song’s tempo completely slows down and draws the track to a close. With K.O.A still being relatively early on in their music careers, the two brothers show an incredible promise and the potential for their music to reach the mainstream and the ears of millions.

Listen to K.O.A – ‘I’ve Been Here Before’


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