Australian trio daste. is back with dreamy ‘Somebody Like You’

Towards the end of last year, Australian trio daste. teased the approach of their debut album with tantalizing appetizer ‘Either Way’. Now, the Gold Coast guys have come through once again with dreamy number ‘Somebody Like You’, which you may like to file alongside the likes of Two Another, Tora or LEISURE.

Set firmly in their genre-blending electronica field, daste combines a future-soul production and retrospective RnB style to produce this steamy single. We especially love the menagerie of backing vocals like “won’t stop never giving you up”; delivered with rhythmical repetition, these really add that nineties texture.

Enjoy this funky little refresher of why we love daste. below and keep an ear sharpened for their upcoming dusk//dawn LP.

“This song came about shortly after everyone was coming to terms with the severe necessity of isolation.Not being able to leave the house forced us to start writing songs and ideas on our own which we could eventually work on together. I immediately felt as if I had writer’s block and decided to try making a beat every day in an attempt to break my creative struggle.‘somebody like you’ was day 26 I believe… I had the beat, chords, verse and a pre-chorus and stopped there. A few weeks later, the three of us were able to get together and work on the ideas we all brought with us. Within a few listens of this particular idea, Tyler says “What if the chorus went like… Youuuuuuuuuu” and at that point I knew we had something very cool going on. A few months later we had a writing session with Max (aka Golden Vessel) who came down to our Burleigh Heads studio. After a few hours of writing, we exchanged some unreleased music and were lucky enough to send Max the song to work on some additional production and provide the final seasoning.”– daste.’s Callum Macdonald

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