Moonsoon Radio are back with ‘So it Seems’.

London-based boy band Monsoon Radio are back with their sophomore single, the brilliantly dynamic and air-guitar ready ‘So It Seems’, taken from their stunning debut EP What Could Be Different. The track is their first offering of the new year and the follow on from their debut single, ‘Let Me Be’ released in 2020.

The band; Usman, Yujin, Rowan and Franz, began their journey two years ago in a bright purple practice room and have been writing and performing together ever since. In the time they’ve been together they have developed a very unique sound and a style of performing exclusive to them.

Monsoon Radio
Photographed by Valentin Rebours .

‘So It Seems’ grabs you by the ear from the very first notes as a commanding electric guitar riff introduces the track, closely followed by the drums and Usman’s powerful, grungy, 90s-rock vocals. Live instrumentation from the rest of the band is the star of the show, adding a welcomed richness and ‘rough around the edges’ texture to the record that makes it feel like it’s one of Monsoon Radio’s live performances at The Water Rats, Fiddlers Elbow or The Rocksteady. Beautifully sung and gorgeously composed, ‘So It Seems’ is yet another fantastic offering from Monsoon Radio and a wonderful peek into their debut EP.

Listen to Monsoon Radio – So it Seems


“‘So It Seems’ was the first song that was written entirely together as a band, combining each of our creative influences to define the Monsoon Radio sound.

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