dezabel mixes dark layers of R&B, pop and electronica in ‘Tell Ya’

We have dark slice of R&B-pop from Swiss producer and songwriter dezabel called ‘Tell Ya’, following on from the huge success of his previously shared single ‘Fade Away’.

Collaborating with singers Jazelle Paris, aka JVZEL out of L.A. and Ben Botfield from Manchester, as well as co-producers Krysta Youngs (BTS, Christina Aguilera, Taeyon) and Julia Ross (BTS, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha etc), the song has the ultimate air of crisp professionalism around it. This isn’t a rough cut, it’s polished and ready to hit the big time.

Nostalgic, and wistful, dezabel’s ‘Tell Ya’ mingles those emotion-filled lyrics with ice-cool layers, to formulate an atmosphere of cinematic tension. The inescapable hook is a brisk and repeat-worthy charmer that we simply can’t get enough of.

“In my songs I try to write about stories that happened to me and to most of us.”

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