Matilda Eyre reveals her latest introspective, quarantine creation, ‘Let Me Be’

German-born singer, songwriter and producer Matilda Eyre reveals her latest, introspective quarantine creation in the form of her stunning new single, ‘Let Me Be’.

Unable to return to her home base of London during the early stages of the national lockdown, Matilda spent her time with her folks back in Germany writing and creating new material in a makeshift studio she made out of her father’s garden shed.  It was in this DIY studio that Matilda’s cup of creative juices began to overflow. Concepts for songs and music videos emerged, lyrics were scribbled and re-written multiple times and most significantly, the idea behind ‘Let Me Be’ was conceived.

Matilda Eyre – Let Me Be

The lockdown period was a quiet time for introspection and self-exploration for Matilda, she spent a lot of time in her own thoughts, unravelling her feelings and coming to terms with her emotions. It was a particularly significant turning point for Matilda Eyre not only as a musician but also as a human being, she coined this special phase of her life “returning home to myself / reclaiming my strength and power.”

Consequently, ‘Let Me Be’ is all about making peace with yourself and accepting yourself as you are, flaws and all, and hoping that the world will embrace you too.  Composed in her signature and aptly named ‘eerie electro-pop’ style, ‘Let Me Be’ combines a mixture of undulating synth lines with heavy percussion and delicate melodies that make for a complex and haunting soundscape that’s evocative of Matilda Eyre’s beautiful yet softly sinister sound which will be sure to carry on into her upcoming debut EP, Suleika.

“‘Let Me Be’ is a song about the excruciating wish to be your authentic self, to be loved the way you are, to be seen for your true self. ‘Let me be all the things washed away.’ The song is reflecting on all the ways we change ourselves to fit in and to be accepted. Remembering your strength, your essence and returning home to that. It is a call to step into your truth and authenticity when people or situations ask you to abandon yourself.”

– Matilda Eyre

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