Harry Nathan’s indie-dance track ‘High’ is one for the lonely hearts and heartbreakers

Ever since Majestic Casual started uploading tunes to their YouTube channel, they’ve been a tastemaker destination. This truth also extends to their record label, to which Australian artist Harry Nathan is signed.

Over the past few months, Nathan has been busy working on his next EP and now we’re finally hearing the first taste of that project in the form of ‘High’. It’s a spacey blend of indie-dance and synth-pop for all the lonely hearts and heartbreakers out there.

Suitably, the song recalls a time that Harry Nathan fell in love with the girl across the hall.

“The song is a romanticized daydream about a girl who moved in across the hall. I was living in Los Angeles and I had just picked up a 1982 MT-45 Casio tone keyboard. I fell in love with the sound of it and it inspired me to write the song quite quickly. The majority of the drums come from Roland CR-78 and Roland 505 drum machines. Run through a series of guitar pedals, the Casio keyboard’s signal chain is visible in the song’s artwork; a photo I took on my 1982 Canon AE-1 film camera.”

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