Enter rebelyay’s glitchy hyper-pop world through ‘danger on my mind’

If you happen to be an Amazon Prime subscriber or just an avid telly fan, you might have seen an advert for Utopia, an American remake of a British TV program based around conspiracy theories and an impending pandemic. Yeah, it makes for pretty freaky watching in the present. Well the UK version is much better for many reasons, including the soundtrack. Weird, minimalist electronic sounds and voice clips set an eerie backdrop to the shows and whilst listening to the opening for rebelyay’s ‘danger on my mind’, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that much-praised soundtrack.

This glitchy hyper-pop almost could easily be the soundtrack for our very real lives in the pandemic, where we’re glued into the internet as a form of distraction and entertainment. It’s as though we’re living in a warped, electronic world much like the one created by producer rebelyay.

‘Danger On My Mind’ is the latest taster to rebelyay’s forthcoming debut album, an LP that promises a satisfying range of dance-floor drops alongside tracks with more experimental structure.

“The title “Danger On My Mind” represents my thoughts during trips and how I’ve faced past traumas that came up a lot during trips that I’ve had. But through that I’ve had some “divine intervention” and a lot has changed from those experiences.”

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