Gaspar Narby’s eclectic production shines on new single ‘Fragments’

Following on from Gaspar Narby’s single ‘Sleepless’ featuring Lees, the 23-year-old Swiss-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist is back with a second offering from his upcoming Collab EP.

On ‘Fragments’, Narby calls in the relaxing R&B-influenced vocals of Taura. As ever, Narby’s production here is something to be admired; using an array of electronic beats and celestial string notes, he creates something really beautiful.

Like in the classic film, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, the clipped and chopped sounds throughout the song create the impression of warped memories, of trying to piece together the last thing that an ex said to you, of the last kiss, of the last argument, of the final blow that brought the relationship to an end. With time, all things fade and as is the case with our recollections of past events.

Read more about the creative process behind Gasper Narby’s ‘Fragments’ in the quote below.

“I had a lot of fun with the production on this one. I wanted to mix electronics with actual orchestral instruments, as opposed to MIDI. I chopped a harp recording and then played the cello and the violin myself – I played so poorly I had to isolate the right notes and trigger them from my computer, but still, it counts! I also recorded a grand piano and Fender Rhodes. My friend Antony Burkhard came in to record an amazing clarinet part that builds up to the chorus.

Lyrically, Fragments is about moments that turn into memories, and memories that fade away. I was coming out of three-year long relationship, and the part in Spanish is actually my ex-girlfriend reading one of her poems.”

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