Sugi Dakks explores identity in poignant EP track ‘Not The Only One’

Back in September, we first introduced you to the multi-faceted jazz-trained musician Sugi Dakks with ‘Cynicism’, his answer to all the bad vibes out there in the world right now.

With the release of his Deeply Rooted EP, Dakks is further expanding his optimistic outlook. The EP is headed up by standout single ‘Not The Only One’ in which the artist explores his identity as a person with dual racial heritage. It’s an unflinchingly look at all the racism and the internal struggles that Dakks experienced growing up in the US.

Listen to the poignant ‘Not The Only One’ below and if you’d like to explore Sugi Dakk’s music further, check out his new EP here.

‘Deeply Rooted’ is an EP that explores my personal identity, the identity of others, and how we come to shape our identities. When it comes to racism, self-hatred, prejudice, bias, discrimination, and all forms of inequality, all of these are deeply ingrained in our society and deeply ingrained in most everyones personal story. Through this EP, I was able to share my story of how I viewed myself, how it differed from the viewpoints of my peers and the general society, and how bigotry is such a destructive engine that ruins people’s lives, livelihood, and self-worth.

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