Good vibes only with Sugi Dakks

Listening to the jangly and playful new single ‘Cynicism’ from Sugi Dakks, aka the jazz piano trained musician Kyle Donald, one can’t help but be infected by the good energy that this L.A. resident is serving up by the ladleful.

This vivacious song is a direct response to the rising levels of cynicism that Sugi Dakks has noticed among his peers, especially when topics like politics, societal issues and well-being are brought up.

In lyrically-dense outpouring, you might pick up on a recurrent line “cynicism is the leader of the new world”, which is far from SD giving into the pessimism, in fact he puts that idea out there to show that this is the direction that we’re heading for if we rest on our laurels.

Mixing this heartfelt message in with a modern approach to jazz and spoken word, ‘Cynicism’ should make you sit up in your seat and take note.

The main issue I have with cynicism or cynical thought is that when a problem arises (whether that’s day to day issues like your tire gets flat, lose your keys, or on a societal level where you see systemic racism play out over and over again) cynical people tend to not do anything because the reasoning becomes “well everything is messed up so there’s no point in doing anything to change it.” This way of thinking being normalized is a scary thought for me, where nobody would try to make things better, and we would all become bystanders in our collective demise” – Sugi Dakks

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