Chillhum returns with brand new electro-acoustic hybrid track, ‘Dancing Alone’

Ethan Bedell, better known by his stage name Chillhum is back with his newest single ‘Dancing Alone’, the second instalment taken from his highly anticipated, upcoming EP. ‘Dancing Alone’ follows on from his previously released track ‘Waste My Time‘ which was featured by the likes of Acid Stag and Cloud Kid.

Hoping to maintain his momentum, Chillhum offers fans another sweet slice of his signature electro-acoustic hybrid music in the form of ‘Dancing Alone’. The track shares much of the same smooth, laid back feel as ‘Waste My Time’ but with an edgier twist brought about by the distorted vocals and drum patterns, similar to those of Flume and Couro, two acts that Chillhum is often inspired by.

Entirely self-written and produced, ‘Dancing Alone’ shows off Chillhum’s unique taste and love of experimental sounds through its warped production and acoustic elements. The track also features a cheery melody and positive, happy-go-lucky lyricism alongside manipulated drum patterns and Chillhum’s signature guitar chords, making for a very unusual, slightly robotic but ear-catching sample.

Several singles in, 22 year-old Chillhum has been on a steady upwards trajectory since the release of his debut EP Till She’s Back. Ever since then he’s been honing his craft as a singer-songwriter and producer creating fun, electro-acoustic hybrid music that’s quickly become his trademark sound. Now, with another EP on the horizon, Chillhum hopes to continue spreading positivity and good vibes through his unique brand of music and uplifting lyricism.


“‘Dancing (alone)’ is another one of my personal favorite tracks. I think the initial production/workflow of this song was to this day one of the fastest I have ever had. This Idea felt so perfect to me from the moment I had the drum beat programmed in and it truly was one of those projects that felt like it was writing itself. I had been super inspired by the distorted/alternative sound of the drums used by artists like Flume or Couros, and so I spent a lot of time finding the perfect samples to set the right tone for the song. I then focused on guitar and the main riff came super quickly. The combination of the simple guitar riff and heavy drums immediately made me smile and reminded me of some of my more original sources of inspiration like Slightly Stoopid and Sublime. I really tried to channel that high energy good vibe feeling into the vocals/writing and I was stoked with the result.”


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