Listen to BETSIE GØLD’s punchy pop banger ‘Overwhelming’

Overwhelming. That’s a word that feels all too close to home with everything’s that going on in the world right now, although as we’ve seen throughout the year, pop music has been a route to catharsis for musicians and listeners alike.

It’s apt then that today we’re featuring the new über-pop single from BETSIE GØLD. Co-written alongside regular collaborator Kaity Rae, ‘Overwhelming’ is a punchy electro-pop banger that allows the singer to release all her thoughts and feelings.

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As you’ll learn below, the songwriting friends Kaity and Betsie wrote ‘Overwhelming’ back in February but decided to keep the lid on it. They couldn’t have expected just how relatable this song would become, whether for the listener its about a relationship as was originally intended with the song or the wider pressures of living through the coronavirus pandemic. It’s interesting how music has the ability to shape and be shaped by current events, just as BETSIE GØLD’s ‘Overwhelming’ has been.

“I wrote this track with Kaity Rae back in February. It was the last thing we wrote before lockdown, but somehow the lyrics seem to resonate even more now. It’s about being completely overcome with every single emotion possible when starting a relationship with someone new after a really long time. It’s exciting, terrifying, fun, anxiety inducing. We basically made a list of everything that makes us feel overwhelmed or over stimulated and added a melody to it.”

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