Introducing: Upcoming RnB songstress Chantelle and her emotive debut EP, ‘Reserve & Remind’

Proud Londoner and upcoming R&B songstress Chantelle has recently unveiled her stunning and deeply personal debut EP, Reserve & Remind, released under Key Change Records. The EP follows on from her first, official release ‘Tired‘, a punchy, beat-heavy number with pop-inspired songwriting which was released earlier this year.

Hoping to maintain her artistic momentum, the twenty-two-year-old has been hard at work honing her craft as a singer-songwriter whilst giving back to her local community through her work with mental health charity Key Changes. They’re an organisation that provide mental health recovery services throughout the community by using music as a means of catharsis and therapy. It was through Chantelle’s introduction to the charity that both her mental health and her music began to flourish.

Using the skills and experiences provided to her through Key Changes as well as her experience as a self-taught poet, Chantelle now has a healthy creative outlet in which she can channel her thoughts and feelings, be they negative or positive. It was through this time of self-reflection and focused creative intention that the idea behind Reserve and Remind was conceived, Chantelle’s most raw and honest work to date.

Speaking on her stance as an artist and the meaning behind her debut EP, Chantelle states:

“I haven’t put something out like this before. I don’t want to be put under a false facade, what you see is what you get with me. Sometimes I have a messy head of emotions and sometimes I’m on top of the world. Right now especially, we need to be truthful and respective of ourselves. There seems to be a blockage sometimes with other artists out there; where they’re afraid to show their true selves. I don’t ever want to fall into that category”.

– Chantelle

Staying true to her personal doctrines, the Reserve and Remind EP is Chantelle displayed as her most authentic self. The themes explored within the project are largely to do with self-acceptance, self-love and personal growth, all of which are tackled with the utmost sincerity which is exactly what makes Chantelle’s EP so endearing and relatable.

The opening track, ‘Transitions’ has a contemporary R&B vibe to it paired with a bouncy, hi-hat and a snare that give it a fun, old-school flare. The lyrics, on the other hand, are far more ruminative. The track speaks on entering a transitional phase, a phase many of us will encounter more than once in our lives when we’re faced with a crossroads. Do we take the comfortable path we’ve always chosen or step out into new territory that’s beyond our comfort zone to truly experience growth?

‘Good Enough’ on the other hand is all about the long, hard journey to self-acceptance and the road to cultivating genuine confidence within yourself and your character. Chantelle candidly discusses her own battles with self-belief within the track and even confesses to seeking validation outside of herself when she asks “why is everything I do not good enough for you?” Yet, in her own time, like many of us will, she discovers the solution to her problem when she says “I’m sorry I’m not the best for you, I’m just trying to be the best for me” showing her character having going full circle.

Closing off the EP is Confessions of Me’, another moving and deeply personal track from Chantelle. Beautifully composed, ‘Confessions of Me’ has more of an acoustic feel compared to the other two tracks on the EP, which perfectly suits the candour of the lyrics. Written with a startling level of honesty, the song reads as if it were a private diary-entry, revealing the many emotional and creative layers within Chantelle and her work.

Throughout Reserve and Remind in her tales of self-love, acceptance and growth, Chantelle displays a wisdom far beyond her years and truly establishes herself as a singer-songwriter in her own right. Despite still being very new to the music industry, she demonstrates drive, discipline and authenticity all of which are qualities of a star in the making. Reserve and Remind is an incredible debut EP for Chantelle and a shining testament to her talent and skill as a singer and songwriter especially.


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