Reagan’s ‘Crybaby!’ is a vibrant indie-pop cut

It’s been a couple of months since we heard from Reagan, which was with 90s feel track ‘Do U Notice Me?’ Now, the Charlottesville artist has come back stronger with ‘Crybaby!’, a vibrant indie-pop cut that translates the ups and downs of teenage adolescence.

The beach-groove guitars and lo-fi production gives an effortless air of undetermined direction. It’s a off-kilter summer single about the typical relationship of a melancholic teenage boy and start-stuck girl.

As Reagan tells us, “Crybaby! is a song about love, naïveté, and sadness. It contrasts themes of innocent young love and the bleakness of being a teenager against an easygoing arrangement of soft electric guitar chords and upbeat rock/pop percussion.”

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