TARA return with catchy, quirky, pop rock banger – ‘Do You Love Her’.

London Rock band Tara have released their second single this year and it’s a pop rock ripper. The three piece band have reformed since their 2016 hiatus, this time with shorter, snappier, and even more sexier tunes to sink your teeth and your ears into.

‘Do You Love Her’ is a shining example of the bands refreshed and revamped sound. A driving force from the very first beat, it’s filled with simple catchy melodies, harmonies that hit the spot and a repetitive hook which is sure to be racing round your head for days.

Henry, Daniel and Dario are the makers of Tara and it all kicked off for them in a studio on Denmark street in 2013. Back then they were creating a mix of sounds from Motorhead to Fela Kuti. Now they describe their catalogue of carnage as sounds like the Eagles, The Beach Boys and The Lemon Heads.

Next up for the tasty trio is third single, ‘The Soft Rock Experience’ out on the 28th of July. So set your reminders for some achingly honest lyricism, gritty vocals and a rock ballad like never before.

In the meantime check out the visual for ‘Do You Love Her’ below, everyone likes ice cream sundaes, right?


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