QHAIRO reveals the explosively dynamic – ‘BLUE PETALS’

Every so often along comes an artist, who is so innately unique and refreshing that it stirs something deep within you upon the very first listen. London based QHAIRO, embodies that idea. Bringing to the table a level of artistry and musicality that holds such a fire and energy, his second single this 2020 – ‘BLUE PETALS’ is one of many examples that overflows with flavour and vibrancy. Not to mention, it oozes a Frank Ocean, futuristic freshness but more importantly it’s incredibly catchy.

Showcasing a vast knowledge and repertoire of a varying multitude of genres, QHAIRO effortlessly dives into soul, through to R&B, down to electronic and even ventures into the realm of spoken word with confidence and expertise.

Enigma pours out of his offerings and embeds itself within the writing and visuals. As well as being a seasoned singer-songwriter he also paints, draws and has a hand in directing his videos. Simply put, QHAIRO is an artist in every essence of the word.

‘BLUE PETALS’ is the very first track from the upcoming, eagerly anticipated 4-track EP 60FOOTNOIR primed for release on the 6th of August. Trust me when I say, you don’t wanna miss this one.

“Blue Petals is about the curiosity and self-analysis surrounding sexual
exploration. When I was younger I spent a lot of time watching how other men in my life interacted romantically and would imitate their behaviours. As I got older I started to realise how I wanted to be and who I wanted to be with romantically and enjoyed getting to know what that looked like. I wanted to explore and portray two parts of my personality in this visualiser and how I sometimes used them to hide myself…. A sort of nostalgic ode to growth. Both sides show me in hiding but in wildly different ways. One side shows the performative and masquerading form of confidence I put on when I’m nervous (being the biggest person in a room). The other side explores a more intimate me where I’m concealing and distracting through aesthetic in the hope that it’s enough to divert attention.”


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