Dwilly & Brandyn Burnette release summery delight – ‘Nirvana’.

Brandyn Burnette and Dwilly have joined forces to create the ultimate summer bop – ‘Nirvana’. The pairs second collaboration together, this newest release is an utter delight, much like the name suggests and oozes a fun, lighthearted musical chemistry shared between the two.

Combing the playful, unique nature of Dwilly and his production tekkers with Brandyns subtle, rhythmic and soulful vocals, ‘Nirvana’ has been put together as the feel-good, contagious, bouncy little summer number needed as the backdrop to your warmer days.

“We got together one day at his studio in north Hollywood. We were both in our own long term relationships & started writing about our girlfriends. dwilly also had a show that week so we decided to try it out live for the first time, and after seeing the reaction from the audience we immediately went back into the studio to finish it off. dwilly produced this track using a lot of hardware synths. You can also hear the sound is heavily influenced by 8-bit Nintendo 64 video games & luscious hip hop / pop” – Brandyn Burnette.

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