Chatterbox: Martina Petric chats previous projects, Blood Orange & meditation.

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

I think few know that I had a band before, a project that started in my teens. I remember that at that time I was in love with Paramore and wanted to be like the vocalist. With my bandmates we played songs of that style, composed by me, and we had a small audience that would see us in the town where we lived. It was an entertaining time with which I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to music and be a true professional. Unfortunately, it lasted a couple of years, because my tastes changed and because the rest was dedicated to other things. Now that I think about it, it was all for the better, I don’t know if I see myself now with red hair, singing pop / rock music (lol).

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

Lately I’ve been listening to Blood Orange a lot. It is a project that really inspires me, the sounds, the textures. I’ve tried to get what I like the most and see how it is reflected in my music. Anyway, I’m always more inclined towards organic and minimalist, classic sounds, electric pianos, atom guitars that remind me a bit of David Gilmour and The xx. It is a combination of tastes that I am integrating into my own songs. And one of the most important things that I try to keep always awake, is the passion for female voices that have marked me the most in my career. The voice for me is everything, it is what makes you travel.

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I am working on new songs. I already have several selected that I want to be part of my second album. I want to release a new single and we’ve been working on it together with my producer René Roco. We’re looking for new ways to transform songs and take them to something fresher and more intense. 

What are your plans for this year, has the current state of things affected those?
My only plan for this year is to release the second album. I’ve been working a lot on the songs, on what I want to reflect, on what will be new in this album. I like to surprise and reinvent myself from time to time. I want to try some new things, do what I really want, without thinking so much about expectations. In this time I have been able to focus on that and I think I will go step by step, depending on how things are.

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?
For me, meditation has been essential, it has helped me to get through the hardest moments of the quarantine in a better way. It also helps me to listen to a lot of music and loud. Listening to songs that I love, those that when barely begin you are already closing your eyes to enjoy it. I also like to watch series or movies and I try to rest, carry a kind of routine to stay active. Of course there are difficult times and for those I try to eat chocolate and treat myself.


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