Dan D’Lion releases the weird, wacky and entirely wonderful, alt- pop tune ‘Pull Me Under’.

The continuously intriguing Dan D’Lion has returned and seemingly come up for air. Resurfacing out of the musical cosmos that is his playground, he begins to share the bounty of the treasures unearthed there.

First to be unleashed this 2020 and the first in his brand spanking new home of Insanity Records is – ‘Pull Me Under’. This wondrously wacky, wilfully wild, left-field pop tune has been birthed and alongside it comes an equally as zany, eccentric video featuring a computerised version of the London performer.

As if dropping this entirely unexpected, rather unconventional and utterly fearless pop banger wasn’t enough, it is also partnered with the announcement our earbuds have all been waiting for.

There. is. more. to. come.

Dan D’Lion is primed and ready to release a new mixtape – ‘When One Thing Leads To Another’ which arrives at a streaming service near you this very summer. Following on from previous EP’s ‘PERSPECTIVE’ and ‘BETTERMAN’, Dan D’Lion continues to catapult across the scene and is firmly fixed to shake things up. Arriving as a truly welcome breath of fresh, quirky, futuristic pop air, ‘Pull Me Under’ again exhibits an expert blend of hip-hop, soul, electronica and candid bedroom pop, beneath the track’s dark, almost Timberlake-esque groove.

Keep your eyes and ears pealed as he prepares for a funky, fresh second single this coming Friday (12/06/20).

‘Pull Me Under’ is the feeling I go back to time and time again. It’s about giving into the uncontrollable, that one thing that gives you the highest high, but dumps you in the lowest of low without warning. It’s about the way in which our emotions can overpower any control we have over ourselves, and knowing that’s totally ok. In fact, it’s fucking amazing!”

– Dan D’Lion


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