Mighloe’s ‘Sunflower’ embraces the healing power of nature and music

From the same label that gave us Tasha Angela and Amaal, we have yet another astonishing RnB talent from Toronto. This time from Public Records, it’s a single from new name Mighloe.

Like her contemporaries, Mighloe is in possession of a stunning voice and penchant for emotive storytelling.

As she tells us of new song ‘Sunflower’: “It’s about finding strength in my fragility. Forgiving my uprooting and replanting myself. I pay homage to my pain, and feel powerful in my scars.”

This theme of “uprooting and replanting” has been carried over into the music video in which Mighloe is fully immersed in nature, allowing her bare feet to touch the grass and head to be adorned with flowers. Evidently, this attuned artist she’s the beauty and healing power in both music and nature.

Without further ado, here’s ‘Sunflower’….

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