PREMIERE: Berne return with planetary plea – ‘Stay’ and Stop motion visual.

Our favourite, environmental, eco-ambassadors Berne are back with the poignant, alternative electro-pop tune ‘Stay’. Alongside this single is a carefully crafted and curiously creative stop motion video that magnifies the message and amplifies the intention of this release.

“‘Stay’ asks planet Earth to stand by us, to give us time to make
positive change and overcome the climate challenges we are faced with.”

Berne have unearthed the innate ability to combine abstract, wistful lyrical content, that unpick the inconsistencies in society and our planet, with dark mesmerising melodies and hauntingly vivid sound layers. Together they use their unique, musical landscape as a platform, a medium in which to reach out and share their message with the world.

The Maltese originating duo, Deborah and Gianluca are no strangers to PM and have previously released two tracks with accompanying videos, the powerful ‘To The Lions’ and the undulating ‘Oceans’. Partnering their music with ideals of social responsibility and environmental consciousness, they create songs with substance, meaning and purpose.

Paving the way for others, they surely are at the forefront of a new era of pop altogether…

[Created by Carmen Mossaad]

Stream ‘Stay’ here:

“Stay is our plea to planet Earth for more time to reverse the damage we’ve done, before it’s too late. As more and more of us understand the urgent climate challenge, we’re inspired by positive changes people are really trying to make. We believe human spirit and togetherness will allow the globe to smile once again, which is what we wanted to represent in the visual.

It’s a serious situation, but it’s still repairable…just.” – Berne.


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