Virtual, international, multi-genre band Skuve release their fourth album – ‘Unfamiliar’.

Quite possibly one of the most interesting bands we’ve come across for a while and this time its not only down to the music they create. No, Skuve have caught our attention for yet another reason; being that they are a completely virtual band. Yes, you read that right, Skuve comprise of Mack from Sweden, Davv from the UK and BK who resides in the USA, plus on again off again occasional member Ben. Despite the obvious connection within their music, the band have never actually met in person and, interestingly enough have also never even spoken to each other via the phone, using email as their primary source of communication.

Having only formed in 2017 after e-meeting on an online collaboration website, the band write and record all virtually via the wonders of the internet, where they fully utilise this medium to create beautiful, genre blending and incredibly creative music. Fully prepared for lockdown it seems, it’s business as usual for this rather unusual band as they have released yet another jam packed album – ‘Unfamiliar’.  

In keeping with the nature of the band the artwork runs true, featuring Gorillaz-esque press photos depicting the band members in an animated, cartoon style, adding to their overall mystery yet staying authentic with the branding and also solving the problem of never having met. 

Not wanting to be defined, limited or confined between the borders of one genre in particular, their debut album ‘Ego’ released in June 2018, was a 15 track blend of pop, rock and country-inspired songs. This was followed in July 2019 by ‘Deviate’ – an album inspired by decades past. And, seemingly not even coming up for air, their third album ‘Chameleon’ followed less than three months later.

This latest album, ‘Unfamiliar’ marks a very different direction for the band, being predominantly soul, blues and big band inspired with just a touch of the familiar, quirky Skuve style. 


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