Premiere: whattodo returns with 17 minute visual for recently released EP – changeinform.

Forever shrouded in mystery, our favourite producer, artist, singer-songwriter, ‘everything he touches turns to gold’, whattodo has once again exited the shadows. Returning to us all in this difficult time, exactly when we need him the most and he has not come back empty handed.

Releasing tid bits and tasters all this week to 3 of the individual tunes from the much loved EP  – ‘changeinform‘ released in January. Today he finally stops teasing and gifts us with an entire 17 minute movie like visual for the EP as a whole.

This art infused, colourful, gloriously abstract, perfectly put together video features more of the artist than we have ever seen before and boy, was it worth the wait. Feeling as if no words could possibly describe it in its entirety and without further adieu, it’s our pleasure to be the first to share whattodo‘s music video for his debut EP ‘changeinform’.

So sit back, relax and feast your eyes on the beauty that is about to unfold…

Visuals created by Ney Liqa, Push Visual Productions  & whattodo.

“Essentially what ended up being a video collage by a friend, of a friend, trying to catch a bit of the elusive beauty that he has in his music, and self, on camera. supplementing the themes explored sonically in the EP” –  Ney Liqa & whattodo


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