Benjamin Finney releases first instrumental single of 2020, ‘Run For Cover’.

Multidisciplinary and extremely talented guitarist Benjamin Finney has released his first track for 2020, the complex, intricately beautifully instrumental, ‘Run For Cover’. Having recently returned from a global tour playing the mandolin for Izzie Walsh, the UK based artist spent the end of last year being able to focus his attention to his own music, ‘Run For Cover’ being the first fruit of his labour.

It is not often that an instrumental track has the ability to draw you in and leave you hanging on every essence of every note. Divinely and expertly strung, blending both honest folk and Americana, Benjamin has managed to do just that. Letting his glorious guitar playing depict what vocals can’t, each nuance and wave of sound courses through your being and stirs the very depths of your soul. An exemplary piece of musicianship and a truly captivating composition. We eagerly look forward to hearing what else this accomplished songwriter and guitarist has up his sleeve.

“The main inspiration for this song is ‘anxiety & depression’, which is where the title ‘Run to Cover’ comes from. The track is an intimate acoustic instrumental that captures my emotion in this recording, combined with atmosphere and dynamics throughout.” – Benjamin Finney


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