Chatterbox: MACKandgold chats cocktails, quarantine and current creations.

We had the absolute pleasure of having a quick little convo with the energetic, enchantress MACKandgold. Have a read of what we discussed on this edition of Chatterbox…

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

I make a mean mezcal negroni. In fact I’m very passionate about my cocktails. Im currently making a banana infused tequila, gonna test that out…now.

That sounds amazing, sign me up to be your next isolation buddy!

Funk to Funky Press 8

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

Some slower, more laid back approaches. Soulful and inspired by more R&B. 

What are you currently working on?

The next handful of songs and stories. Im wrapping my head around what thats going to look and feel like. I have the songs but I’m really working on how I want to execute them. Whether to be minimal or fire em up, the production changes everything.

What are your plans for this year, has the current state of things affected those?

My plans have already been pretty shot to shit. Im done planning. My goal is to create as much as possible, free up my mind to experiment more, play as many shows as I can, and really just jump at any opportunity that presents itself. 

Your top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Go for a walk, take a bath, call/ facetime friends, stretch, cook something from scratch, don’t judge yourself.

You can ‘Take Solace’ in MACKandgold’s recently released EP below, for your lockdown listening… I’ve heard it partners well with a Mai Tai, Moscow Mule or Mojito.


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