PREMIERE: Rising RnB name Roman Rogue releases new song ‘Need A Friend’

You know we have a soft spot for RnB of all shades here at Purple Melon; whether it’s old school ’90s, alternative, electro or pop-leaning. So when we heard that Roman Rogue has released a new single, we had to jump on board. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Rogue’s latest song ‘Need A Friend’ puts his intricate vocal performance centre stage to make his message loud and clear.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Need A Friend’, the young songwriter tells us that:

“Need a friend refer to the bond that is created during a relationship, even after it’s over you still consider that person one of your closest friends and you hope you can be there for each other even though you’re no longer together.”

With the support of thousands of listeners on Spotify, as well as fellow El Paso resident Khalid, the future is looking hella bright for Roman Rogue.





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